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Solutions & Services

Rapid Application Development Methodology


・Tools and methodologies that can shorten man-hours used on application software development.

■New approaches on software development

・Traditionally, a typical development process includes business requirement analysis, defining requirements, spec sheets, system design, program design, coding, installation, testing, official release, operation maintenance, etc.
・On the contrary, xRAD automates coding and unit testing process so the tool can directly generate programs from spec sheets, and therefore, save man-hours.
・xRAD enables enterprises develop their systems on their own – without employing third party Sis.

■Advantages of xRAD

・xRAD can shorten the development cycles and therefore save cost and time.
・More speedy and flexible approaches can be deployed on system spec changes.
・Because of the user-centric development style, final products are much more faithful to the specs requested by end-users.

超高速開発ツールが設計書からプログラムを自動生成する 開発費用/期間を大幅圧縮 システムの品質が安定 仕様のズレを排除
超高速開発ツールが設計書からプログラムを自動生成する 開発費用/期間を大幅圧縮 システムの品質が安定 仕様のズレを排除

■Three Benefits of xRAD

xRAD HigherQuality FastDelivery CostDown
xRAD HigherQuality FastDelivery CostDown

Use Cases

■Issues surrounding main systems after migration

■Maintenance of COBOL programs

  • Upkeep of an old system becomes difficult
  • Insufficient/outdated spec sheets and documents
  • Retiring COBOL programmers

■Rewrite the legacy system in Java or other languages

  • Development time and budget problems
  • Software build quality depends on individual programmer
  • Increases in maintenance costs after rewrites

■xRAD Tools provide solutions to all challenges

  • System development
    • ・Stable code quality
    • ・Programming standardization
    • ・More efficient mockup development method
  • Operation
    • ・Easier maintenance
    • ・Operation standardization
    • ・System knowledges pass down to future generation



・Wagby is a non-programing tool that can be used on developing web based business applications.
・Also known as one of the promising xRAD tools with more than 300 install bases.

■Agile approach on software development

・Systems are automatically generated by entering spec sheet information through web-based design screens.


■Development image

・The Wagby development (from review to spec changes) cycle can be easily repeated; therefore, prototypes can be verified in early stages to prevent future reworks.
Wagby定義ファイル作成 ビルド コードをカスタマイズ 仕様変更
Wagby定義ファイル作成 ビルド コードをカスタマイズ 仕様変更

Services provided by Arise Innovation

Services provided by Arise Innovation

■The following services are provided by our Wagby-certified software engineers

・System migration
We help enterprises migrate their legacy systems to modern platforms.

・Scratch build
We create brand-new systems based upon customer requirements.

・System development support
We provide Wagby trainings and advices on design elements, customization methodologies to customers who build, maintain and operate systems in-house.

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