Utilizing technologies of Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Low Code Development(LCD) tools to make the world a better place.

Arise Innovation, Inc.

In Japan, shortages of skilled labor triggered by the population decrease also bring up concerns over the succession of advanced know-how associated with them.
We are committed to solve those problems and to provide future reforms in various distinguished industries by leveraging ICT such as IoT / AI / RPA.
Arise Innovation strikes to provide our clients with a total ICT solution that combines applications using the latest AI technologies (Enterprise AI); high efficiency system development methodologies (LCD tools); and modern Cloud infrastructures. We can help our customers start new businesses(Arise) and reform their legacy practices (Innovation) at the same time.

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Enterprise AI

AI takes over tasks achieved by seasoned workers “Enterprise AI” solution.Due to declining birthrate and aging society, it is obvious that workforce in Japan has been shrinking at an alarming rate with no end in sight. We strike to mitigate the shortage of skilled labor force by providing diversified AI solutions across different industries.

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Traditionally, it is no secret that programing and unit testing consumes enormous manpower and resources. However, valuable resources should be allocated to solve business issues and requirements; not to time-consuming coding and unit testing tasks. Because LCD tools can take on tedious programing hassles, project cycles of system development can be shortened dramatically, and costs can be reduced significantly - All at the same time.

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