About Us

Name Arise Innovation, Inc.
Address Forefront TowerⅡ 12F
Kachidoki 3-13-1, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Since July 1st, 2016
Hitoshi Iwasawa CEO
Makoto Shimizu COO
Kevin Sun CMO
Toshihiro Yagi Auditor
Investors Japan Pulp and Paper Co. (51%)
Tokyo System House Co.  (49%)
Community membership Extremely Rapid Application Development Community (xRAD)
The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence

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Despite of the fact that AI technologies are expanding exceedingly fast in Japan, the shortage of software engineers contributed by decreasing population deeply concerns many business entities.
Aiming at enhanced productivity and higher customer service level, Arise Innovation was created to answer the new needs arising from today’s enterprises.
Less labor intensive “Enterprise AI technology”; more productive “Rapid Application Development methodology”; and hassle-free “Cloud platform” are our primary effective solutions to those emerging challenges.

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