Recognizes and converts characters in documents
and faxes into text data using AI (OCR)
Compatible with typed and handwritten characters
Capable to read misalignment items
and documents with multiple formats


AI improves character recognition accuracy by learning erroneously determined characters


Able to read specialized contents of the form by learning frequently used words in advance


AI learns various form formats automatically to recognize characters in those forms


System Overview

AIRead Function

OCR: Printed character recognition

Reads printed texts and converts them into database.

Accuracy: up to 99%

OCR: Handwritten character recognition

Reads handwritten contents and digitizes them into database.
Applicable contents: numbers, symbols, alphabets
Accuracy: up to 99%

Automatic data extraction

Text data can be retrieved by specifying keywords - even those texts reside in different form formats. It can also recognize mispositioned documents as well as texts from multiple formats. It is unnecessary to specify reading positions (coordinates) in advance.

Data inquiry and editing

Retrieved data can be viewed and edited from web browser.

Learning: Handwritings

Accuracy is improved by learning correct answer data for erroneously determined characters. False image and correct data are feedbacked thru the view/edit screen to the AI engine so that the system gains intelligence over time.

Learning: Frequently used vocabulary

To improve accuracy, we can make the AI engine learn words (special terminology, address, product name, etc.) that appear frequently in documents.

Use Case

Industry Business Document
Trading company Import-Export Invoice, Packing List
Trading company Procurement Price estimate
Wholesale Order process Fax order forms
Data-entry service Data entry Fax delivery instruction

Also implemented in various other industries.

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